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Add a Storage Battery for Even More Energy Independence

Storage Batteries offer both homeowners and commercial business owners many benefits to assure continuous availability of electric power.

Did you know that your solar system shuts off when the grid goes down. During power outages, the utility grid mandates solar systems to turn off. This prevents the ability of your solar system to feed power to the grid and to your home/business. A solar storage battery system can automatically isolate your solar system from the grid and will keep your family powered up.

A storage battery also provides the following benefits:

    • Reduce Peak Charges - even if you don't have solar power, a storage battery allows you to store energy when the rates are lower and then use that energy to avoid higher rates during peak periods.
    • Zero Grid Export - Depending on your utility, the reimbursement for power sold back to the grid may not offset the cost of power purchased from the grid. It is often advantageous to store that power for self-consumption.
    • Reduce Demand Charges - Storage batteries can store energy during off-peak energy periods, then discharge it when rates are highest, reducing your total power cost.
  • SoL Energy offers the top-of-the-line Enphase Energy System :

    The Enphase Energy System

    The Enphase Energy System comprises three components:

  •  Enphase IQ Battery

  •  Enphase IQ Microinverters

  •  Enphase IQ App


  • Enphase IQ Battery

    When the sun goes down, your Solar Power System doesn't have to stop providing power. With the Enphase IQ Battery, you can store the power you make and use it anytime, day or night, rain or shine. In Colorado, you can event sell the energy back to your utility. 

    The Enphase IQ Battery uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry. This is currently the safest, longer lasting, most cost effective chemistry for Solar Storage batteries. Enphase IQ Batteries come in two sizes -- 3.3 kWh and 10 kWh. And they are modular, which mean you can add capacity as your needs change over time.

    Enphase IQ Microinverters

    An inverter is a key component in any solar power system. The inverter converts the DC power provided by your solar panels into AC current that you can use to power the circuits in your home. Enphase uses micro-inverters which are associated with each panel in your system. With micro inverters, each inverter handles a small section of your solar panel array. If an inverter fails, only that small section of your solar array is impacted, and the majority of your electric power remains available. Micro Inverters are also much less expensive and quicker to replace.

    The Enphase IQ8 microinverter with Sunlight Backup offers the unique advantage that even when your lights, fans and phones continue to operate even if there is a daytime grid outage, even without battery backup.

    Enphase IQ App


    Another unique feature of the Enphase Energy System is the Enphase IQ App which allows you to control your Enphase System from virtually anywhere using your mobile phone. You can see where power is being used in your home in real time. See how much energy you produce, use and store year to date. The app even allows you to monitor severe weather in your area and prioritize battery storage ahead of an expected storm.

    There is an IQ Load Controller built into the app which allows you to prioritize power to essential appliances during an outage. The Enphase IQ App gives you complete control of your Solar System in the palm of your had regardless of where you are.

    Watch the Enphase Energy System Video Here

    Enphase IQ App