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Residential Solar

Thinking About a Solar PV System for Your Home?

SoL Energy has been installing custom, home solar systems and building trusted relationships with home owners in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2003. Installing a solar system on your home is a good decision for your family, your wallet, and the environment; and SoL Energy will make sure you get the system you need supported by the the expertise you expect and the customer service you deserve. See below for more information on installing a residential solar system at your home.

Financing & Incentives


With today’s financing, you could trade your electric bill for a low-cost loan to finance your home solar system; with no money down and free electricity once it’s paid off.

By first reducing the upfront cost of your system with rebates and tax incentives and taking advantage of a low-cost loan to pay the balance. Your Sol Energy project manager will make sure you take advantage of any rebates and incentives you are eligible for and help you explore your financing options to cover the remaining cost.

Trust the Company the Experts Trust

"The best PV expert..."

“Ken has been my go-to guy for PVs, and is generally considered the best PV expert in our PV-rich area. He designed and installed my state-of-the-art, superefficient home and office’s PV system which can run resiliently with or without the the grid.”

Amory Lovins

CEO Rocky Mountain Institute

"Pleased with the entire process..."

“We were very pleased with the entire process of adding on solar, as well as working with Sol Energy. Ken stayed with it all the way through the entire process, including rebates, until it was up & running and hooked up to our computer for easy access. I basically did nothing …..except sit in the shade & watch it all happen. We would definitely recommend Sol Energy to everyone.”

John & Bonnie Williams


"Very happy with our system..."

“I work in the utility industry and know many of the solar installers in the valley and statewide. My wife and I chose to work with SoL Energy because their experience, level of customer service and personal approach were the best fit for us, and we have been very happy with our system and the ongoing support.”


Carbondale Homeowner

Solar 101

 1. When the sun is out its rays shine on the solar panels on your home and their power is converted to direct current (DC) electricity.

2. The power runs to a converter where it is changed from DC to AC (alternating current), the form of electricity used in homes today.

3. Next, the power goes to your electric meter where the net amount of energy your system is generating is recorded. 

4. Then it into your home where it runs your appliances, charges your phone, etc..

Turning the Sun's Energy Into Electricity

Add a Storage Battery for Even More Energy Independence

Storage Batteries offer both homeowners and commercial business owners many benefits to assure continuous availability of electric power.

Did you know that your solar system shuts off when the grid goes down. During power outages, the utility grid mandates solar systems to turn off. This prevents the ability of your solar system to feed power to the grid and to your home/business. A solar storage battery system can automatically isolate your solar system from the grid and will keep your family powered up!

A storage battery also provides the following benefits:

    • Reduce Peak Charges - even if you don't have solar power, a storage battery allows you to store energy when the rates are lower and then use that energy to avoid higher rates during peak periods.

    • Zero Grid Export - Depending on your utility, the reimbursement for power sold back to the grid may not offset the cost of power purchased from the grid. It is often advantageous to store that power for self-consumption.

    • Reduce Demand Charges - Storage batteries can store energy during off-peak energy periods, then discharge it when rates are highest, reducing your total power cost.
  • Steps to Solar Ownership

    What You Do . . .

    Step 1 - Request Consultation

    Request a free consultation with one of our Project Managers. Our Project Managers are not paid a commission so there’s no pushy sales process.

    Step 2 - Initial Consultation

    Your Project Manager will discuss your goals and parameters, and perform an initial solar evaluation of your home using online satellite imagery.

    What We Do . . .

    Step 3 - Site Visit

    Your Project Manager will meet with you at your site to further evaluate the solar potential, present an initial proposal, and discuss your system and available incentives and financing options.

    Step 4 - Technical Design & Proposal:

     Shortly after you will receive a technical design and proposal for an appropriate solar system. Sol Energy will prepare the Generator Interconnection Application.

    Step 5 - System Installation

    SoL Energy’s staff will ensure all appropriate permitting is complete; install your PV system; perform a thorough site clean up; and apply for any rebates or incentives you are eligible for.

    Step 6 - Online Performance Monitoring & Support

    You will be able to monitor your system’s performance on line and we’ll be there to assist you if you need additional support.

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